Heat Exchangers

Frizair manufactures Condensers and Evaporators for use in various applications.

Our heat exchangers are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility and are Helium leak tested at 40 bar.

Frizair has an installed capacity of over 3 million heat exchangers per annum.

Our customers can choose from a wide range of specifications, to ensure our product is tailor made for their application.

Frizair specializes in all Aluminium Heat Exchangers and has developed a 7 mm pattern, the Super 7 pattern which can be used in both Aluminium and Copper coils. The super 7 pattern offers a cost efficient design, compatible with new refrigerants, offering a drop-in replacement for many patterns.

Frizair has also developed a unique 5 mm pattern – The 5+ which is available in both Aluminium and Copper Tubes.

The 5+ pattern offers great benefits through its small size and low refrigerant volumes.