Super 7 & 5+ Patterns

The SUPER 7 & 5+ Patterns offer many advantages and savings. Both are ideal to meet the new requirements of the market.

The patterns offer cost effective solutions, low volume and weight, high efficiency, reduced refrigerant volumes and low cost.

  • Copper and Aluminum tube heat exchangers available
  • Cost-efficient designs
  • Low Cost
  • Low refrigerant volume, saves on refrigerant costs
  • Ideal for new refrigerants
  • Small size
  • Offers advantageous drop-in replacements for many patterns
  • Ideal for multiple applications
PatternSuper 75+
Tube Diameter7 mm5 mm
Tube MaterialCopper/AluminiumCopper/Aluminium
Tube TypePlain/Inner GroovedPlain/Inner Grooved
Pattern25.4 mm x 22 mm, Staggered19.05 mm x 16.5 mm, Staggered
No. of Rows1 to 81 to 10